New England Society for Healthcare Strategy (NESHS)
New England Society for Healthcare Strategy (NESHS)


The NESHS Events Center provides a complete listing of teleconference / webinar and education sessions designed to improve your skills and advance your career.

Strategic Planning for the Future: Innovation and Technology that will impact how we think
We are all aware of the many external forces and internal challenges shaping our organizations, compelling us towards managing change. Nothing is quite so compelling to the healthcare strategist as the rapid pace of technological development and the need to continually innovate in our industry.
WEBINAR: Blurring the Lines: How Payors, Providers and New Market Entrants are Disrupting and Reinventing the Business of Healthcare
Through an analysis of healthcare industry M&A trends, insights and observations, this webinar is intended to provide insights on how increased industry consolidation will continue to impact and affect the traditional healthcare business model.
WEBINAR: Cybersecurity - Cybercrime Threats and Risks to Healthcare Reform
Every health system and physician practice is at risk for criminal activities carried out by means of computers or the Internet, or “cybercrime.”